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Our blog aims to be about health, information and, ideally, where they intersect. These are the types of things we find scintillating:

1. Blogs, wikis, user generated content etc. You know, good ol’ Web2.0. When a new info-based technology or innovation arrives on the scene that impacts on information provision, we’ll try to comment on it. We like to be critical.

2. Knowledge management, and in particular the role that information professionals can play in promoting and managing the efficient deployment of information.

3. We like to point out ‘dangerous’ information sources, such as opinion-based websites that pretend to dish out quality health advice/information; where is the information coming from and can we trust it?

4. Anything search-related is fair game, whether it be how to find grey literature or keeping up to date with search engine optimisation. Effective and efficient search is all-important; if you can’t find it, then for all intents and purposes it doesn’t exist.

5. We both work in healthcare research organisations.  So stuff like EBM, eHealth, Health2.0, personal health records and consumer health information products is all of interest to us.

What we shan’t do is rant: no political or marxist or feminist rants; no personal posts about our latest hair cuts or how much we like penguins, and certainly no celebrity gossip.

By the way, all these views we come out with on this blog are our own, and not those of the organisations that we work for. The (imaginary) lawyers insisted we put that in.


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