(the) health informaticist – here yesterday gone today

In Uncategorized on April 9, 2014 by Alan Lovell

We’ve been rather naughty. Today it is April 2014, and our last post was in January 2012. To the more observant of our, err, regular readers, it has been apparent for some time that we are no longer, err, regular.

It’s been fun. 352 posts, 471 comments (some of which weren’t by the authors). We’ve had about 50,000 views, 6 of which occured today from Tunisia. Our top ten posts were:

  1. Guides on how to develop integrated care pathways (6,686 views)
  2. What’s an informaticist? (1,826 views)
  3. Google Chrome (979 views)
  4. Difference between quality of life & standard of living (716 views)
  5. Rate your doctor (666 views)
  6. Boots teams up to Web MD to provide patient info (640 views)
  7. Google Street View and the threat to our privacy (490 views)
  8. Pharm line database now open access and DH stop smoking app (473 views)
  9. An example of cloud computing: Tim (448 views)
  10. NICE’s plans for the specialist collections (448 views)

But, you know, other interests and new-fangled social media get in the way and take up our time and before you know it two years have passed and you’ve not posted anything. So we have decided to say a rather belated cheerio from the four of us. You can find Alan F at his new blog Evidently & @alanfricker, while Danielle is also tweeting @danni4info. Hanna and Alan L aren’t really social media-ing these days, though, as Justin Bieber says, never say never.

And that is that. Thanks for reading.


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