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Problem with exporting search results from Ovid

In Information industry,Website reviews on August 6, 2010 by Alan Lovell Tagged: , , , ,

Just a quick warning that there is currently a problem with the new OvidSP platform when you try and export/download results using the .txt format. Unfortunately it does not tell you there is a problem – everything seems just dandy in fact – but when you look closely you might be missing a handful of records. Quite worrying, if you’re doing a systematic review, and dealing with many hundreds of records. You might miss the key study and you’d never know it…

When I noticed this was happening I asked Ovid what was going on. They confirmed there was a known problem. However, they did not apologise or acknowledge in any way that it might be an inconvenience. Thanks guys, good customer service. They just said my name would be added to the list of customers that have reported the issue and who would be told when they come up with a solution. Nice.


New interfaces

In Evidence-Based Medicine,Information industry on April 15, 2010 by Hanna Tagged: , ,

 Jumps out from Cochrane Collaboration page now. Seems to be that you can’t log-in unless you go and try retrieving your results hmm.

OvidSP has been urging me to try their new interface.

It has a liking for small boxes. And looks quite smart with your saved searches in My Workspace which is now more prominent:

Anyone tried it for an actual search? Only other thing I noticed was it has a multi-field search but it may have had this in an earlier version…what else would people improve? I’m generally quite a big fan of Ovid and find it very user friendly. Worst database I have to use is HEED eek


Has our wish come true?

In Evidence-Based Librarianship on April 16, 2009 by Danielle Tagged: , , , , ,

OvidSP has just sent out an email to its valued customers describing a couple of updates that it will roll out today between 14:00 and 15:00 GMT (or sometime in the morning, for you Canucks and Yankees).

One change in particular has me almost breathless:

“During this deployment, we are also expanding the size of the Search query box and the Search History box (where applicable), by removing the OvidSP Tips box, thereby providing more interface space for searching.”

Could it really be true?  Will we actually now have the full breadth of the browser window to play with when conducting searches on OvidSP databases such as Medline and Embase?  When I use the zoom functionality in Firefox to boost the font size will I be able to read more than 4 words on each line?

It is my belief that Ovid has finally given in to the various pressures (e.g. here and here) to get rid of the Ovid Tips box as it has proved not only useless but cumbersome.  Not to mention a roadblock to accessibility for end users with poor eyesight.  I am surprised that Ovid neither tried to make the Tips useful, nor got rid of it when the results of last year’s survey came in. The removal of the Tips box was about the only thing survey respondents could agree upon, as I recall.

With bated breath I wait for more screen real estate.

Update: Yes! I just logged on.  It is really true–bye bye OvidSP Tips box.