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Real increases in NHS spending supported by new coalition

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Slightly surprisingly, given that you’d thought that the Tories would use their coalition with the Lib Dems to get out of their policy of “ring fencing” the NHS budget, an FT blog is reporting that the coalition will indeed increase NHS spending in real terms for each year of the parliament:

“The parties agree that funding for the NHS should increase in real terms in each year of the next parliament, while recognising the impact that this decision would have on other departments.”

I guess the “impact on other departments” is that they’ll all have to put up with even bigger cuts than they were already expecting, but it looks like the NHS is sitting pretty.


Green Dam, Youth Escort

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A presentation at ISKO UK 2009 by Zhang Yunliang and an article this weekend in the FT have highlighted some worrying trends in internet filtering and politics. A filtering software called Green Dam/ Youth Escort (which ironically, in my opinion, smacks of salacious content hidden behind a login) will become obligatory and will be installed on all computers sold in China, as of 1st July 2009.  It has already been installed on school computers. While its stated purpose is to protect the innocent people of China from porn and other nasties, experts fear it will used as a method of restricting what they can find on the internet. Read the article. It does an elegant job of summarising tactics by other governments (Burma, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Iran) to censor the internet.