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Lets CPD23…

In CPD23 on June 20, 2011 by africker Tagged: ,

I am going to take part in CPD23. Thing 1 is set up a blog – people arriving here for the first time need to know that this is in fact a group blog that I contribute to.  I have had charge of a few blogs at various points but felt this one was best for this CPD initiative.

I have long been interested in the various 23 Things style initiatives.  I had thought of trying to get one off the ground in the NHS but felt that the network restrictions often in place would be too off putting for people.  For those not in the know 23 Things programmes are often based around applying social media tools and we can always learn something new on these.  CPD23 has the added attraction of considering how best we can carry out CPD with the benefit of these tools but also in real life.

I already use a fair few social tools but am keen to learn more.  I also want to make a link though to my involvement invarious professional networks.  I have recently joined the committee of Cilip in London and plan to work with others to organise a meet up in London for Thing 7 (Offline networks, regional and national groups, special interest groups) .  I think this could be a great way to build interest, networks and capacity in London around CPD.  One example of this is the recently revived CILIP London Calendar of Cool Library Related Events in London (not the official name) that I am looking after.  I would love to have more people both consuming the stream from this (as RSS or by following @ciliplndn) and contributing to making it really useful.

One thing I am unsure about is to what extent I will be able to keep up with the other blogs and participate in CPD23 as a network.

It is obviously going to be a way to stimulate some blog posts after a pretty lazy period.


Professional networking & development. Where do I belong?

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This is a thinking aloud type of post. I’m sitting here, in-between finishing work and going off to lindy hop around the synagogues of the west end of London, and I’m thinking I really do need to network/do CPD better. The fact that I have not done so is of course 99.9% my fault. But the 0.1% that I feel I can blame on external circumstance is that I’m never quite sure of which group I belong in. We’ve had the role of CILIP debate and I don’t really want to re-hash it. But I do feel, and arguably incorrectly, that CILIP and, within CILIP, the HLG are kind of dominated by libraries, and I don’t really feel like a librarian. In fact I don’t feel at all like a librarian. I feel like an information, evidence-head sort of person. I know that in London there is London Links, though that’s really only for NHS staff. There was also a Monday night thing, back room of a pub sort of talk followed by chat. I went to one of those, organised by CILIP. Are they still running? They were quite good. I should have gone more often.

What I suppose I’m wondering is are there super groups I ought to be joining out there that will make me feel part of a happy clan, and/or is there a place for a new society, or social network, or meetup group etc, that is really around health and medical information, is evidence focussed, to have as its aim discussion towards working out how to keep up with the genuine information revolution that we find ourselves in the midst of? Does anyone use Ning these days? Would a new social networking platform capture the imagination? I doubt it.  Or should we just be more self reliant and get on with it; sign up to LinkedIn, find a mentor perhaps, read journals, go to the odd conference drink a few beers and get chatting to people – you know, the old fashioned way?

Maybe it’s simply a result of working as the sole information specialist in a small organisation… one always feels a little, well, isolated.


CILIP in London- May Event

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Two tHI (guys, how are we abbreviating this blog’s name?) bloggers attended the CILIP in London event this past Tuesday evening, at the Sekforde Arms, where they are always held. It was my first one and it was well worth it.

Franklyn Tancock, Plant Collections Curator, talked about his long involvement with cataloguing plants for the National Trust. Now they have invested thousands (in donations from Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks) in the project. It includes a shiny new Oracle and Microsoft Java based database that will house records of every plant in 80 of their gardens by 2011. He also spoke about how GPS technology has revolutionised the creation of garden surveys to aid the planning of gardens and location of plants. It all sounds like great fun-being out in the field, pinging plants with a GPS handheld to accession them, getting a bit of vitamin D.

Just the realisation the plants are catalogued was a delightful and interesting one.

Unfortunately for those who enjoy Cilip in London’s *free* and *catered* monthly sessions, they will be fewer and less frequent in the future, which is a shame. Apparently it is credit crunch-related. Hanna had a good idea about how they could make it affordable. Guess which idea was hers, in the poll.