Alan’s Work experience

Jun 07-present. Senior Informaticist, Bazian.
Continued supplying information specialist services for Bazian, in addition to taking on further responsibility for knowledge management, intranet and enterprise search development, and being the managing-editor for the journal Evidence-Based Mental Health.

Oct 05-Jun 07. Information Specialist, Bazian.
Provided information specialist service (inc. scoping, searching and critical appraisal) for the Map of Medicine and a number of other major health care projects. Project-manager and editor for a range of products involving a number of clients.

Summer 2005. Biographical Research Project, Brighton and London libraries & archives.
Employed to research and write a biographical report on a local citizen and key figure in the Building Society movement during the 1970s. Involves identification and perusal of difficult to find sources.

Summer 2005. Evaluation of NHS Clinical Librarian Service, Royal Sussex County Hospital.
Evaluating the Clinical Librarian service at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust with questionnaires and interviews of clinical staff. Part of MA Information Studies @ Brighton University.

Feb 04 – July 04. Scientific writer (pharmacogenetics), Signature Genetics, Canada.
Responsible for searching the scientific literature on specific drug-drug and drug-gene interactions, synthesising the data and creating comprehensible summaries for both Doctors & patients.

Jan 01 – Feb 04. Postdoctoral Fellow. St Justine Hospital, Montreal University, Canada.
My research was on human population genetics and the distribution of X-chromosome mutations. I conceived projects, and generated and analysed molecular data using a range of techniques.

Sept 94 – Aug 95. Sales Analyst, NatWest, South West Headquarters.
Initial brief was I.T. support, though I was soon taking a key role in the creation of presentations and internal literature, and ran an unofficial I.T. helpdesk. Helped to introduce a new sales database.

Various 1993 & 94. Field Archaeologist, Liverpool University & French Natural History Museum.


Oct 04 – Sep 05. MA Information Studies, Brighton University

Oct 96 – Nov 2000. PhD Marine population genetics, Warwick University

Oct 95 – Sept 96. MRes Analytical Biology, Distinction, Warwick University

Oct 92 – Sept 93. MSc Early Hominid Studies, Pass, Liverpool University

Oct 89 – June 92. BSc (Hons) Biology, Upper 2nd Royal Holloway, London University


Brookman A, Lovell, A et al. What do clinicians want from us? An evaluation of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust clinical librarian service and its implications for developing future working patterns. Health Info Libr J. 2006;23(suppl 1):10-21. PubMed

Lovell A et al. Ethiopia: between sub-Saharan Africa and Eurasia. Ann Hum Genet. 2005;69:275-87. PubMed

Yotova V, Labuda D, Zietwickicz E, Gehl D, Lovell A et al. Anatomy of a founder effect: myotonic dystrophy in Northeastern Quebec. Hum Genet. 2005;117:177-87. PubMed

Lovell A et al. Polymorphisms within a polymorphism: SNPs in and around a polymorphic Alu in intron 44 of the human dystrophin genome. J Hum Genet. 2004;49:269-72. PubMed

Xiao FX, Yotova V, Zietwickicz E, Lovell A et al. Human X-chromosomal lineages in Europe reveal Middle Eastern and Asiatic contacts. Eur J Hum Genet. 2004;12:81-5. PubMed

Lovell A, McGlade J. Population structure of two commercially important species in the Gulf of Guinea. In: Cury, P, Koranteng, K, McGlade, J, eds. The Gulf of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem – Environment Forcing and Sustainable Development of Marine Resources. Amsterdam: Elsevier; 2002. Elsevier

Society memberships

Committee member of IFMH (Information for Management of Healthcare); editor for their newsletter INFORM.

Member of HLG (Health Libraries Group)

Fellow of the Linnean Society of London


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