On reflection

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I am sure this won’t be the only CPD23 post with this title.  Thing 5 is reflection and this will be familiar territory for anyone engaged in meeting the information needs of NHS staff and nursing students in particular.  I can walk you blindfolded to the reflective practice books.  Reflection is also a regular topic in HILJ with a  systematic review (free online) from Maria Grant in 2007 and others well worth a look (go to the site and then search for reflection – many of you will have HILJ in one of the bundles your institution subscribes to or ask your local NHS Librarian).

I make regular attempts to be more systematic in my reflection but like most am incosistent.  My big hope is that CILIP will bring in mandatory CPD and will help us do this by offering a simple online track and reflect type tool (like pebblepad).  At least that is the excuse I am using today.


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  1. Your post made me smile. I am one of those who have worked in medical education and know the term ‘reflective practice’ and find that it’s almost easier to do it than to explain it!

    I’m interested in your hope that CILIP will introduce mandatory CPD; with my Devil’s Advocate hat on for a minute, would you be concerned that in an attempt to ‘professionalise the profession’, it would discourage people from Chartership/CPD altogether?

  2. For me the need is to make Chartership enduringly meaningful both to those in the profession and our employers. Chartership at present is a useful process but a one shot deal. I know you can revalidate but without the push will people do it? Signs point to only a limited level of uptake.

    People are doing the CPD anyway – stacks of it. The mandatory element would be the tracking. As a pay off for the small effort of online tracking (beyond the personal value of actually doing the reflection) there should be a public online site that I could point to that would allow employers to verify that I was maintaining my Chartered status. As a recruiter I would value this.

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