Lets CPD23…

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I am going to take part in CPD23. Thing 1 is set up a blog – people arriving here for the first time need to know that this is in fact a group blog that I contribute to.  I have had charge of a few blogs at various points but felt this one was best for this CPD initiative.

I have long been interested in the various 23 Things style initiatives.  I had thought of trying to get one off the ground in the NHS but felt that the network restrictions often in place would be too off putting for people.  For those not in the know 23 Things programmes are often based around applying social media tools and we can always learn something new on these.  CPD23 has the added attraction of considering how best we can carry out CPD with the benefit of these tools but also in real life.

I already use a fair few social tools but am keen to learn more.  I also want to make a link though to my involvement invarious professional networks.  I have recently joined the committee of Cilip in London and plan to work with others to organise a meet up in London for Thing 7 (Offline networks, regional and national groups, special interest groups) .  I think this could be a great way to build interest, networks and capacity in London around CPD.  One example of this is the recently revived CILIP London Calendar of Cool Library Related Events in London (not the official name) that I am looking after.  I would love to have more people both consuming the stream from this (as RSS or by following @ciliplndn) and contributing to making it really useful.

One thing I am unsure about is to what extent I will be able to keep up with the other blogs and participate in CPD23 as a network.

It is obviously going to be a way to stimulate some blog posts after a pretty lazy period.

5 Responses to “Lets CPD23…”

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to the meet up!

    it’s such a pity that there are so many network restrictions to work around in the NHS as I agree with you that it’s a sector that would really benefit from a 23 things style learning opportunity!

  2. As am I – can’t believe I didn’t know this was your blog (until just now!)

    I have added the CILIP in London Calendar of Awesome Goodies to my Google calendar as I found I wasn’t paying too much attention to the RSS feed.

    Let’s go! 🙂

  3. I am glad that you are taking part in CPD23. Your blog is a very useful source of information.

  4. […] or the country and so on. I probably already used it to post a few things that would have been better placed on an individually owned blog. So (the) Health Informaticist is going into mothballs (there […]

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