Approaching overload

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Brilliant post from Nicholas Carr differentiating between situational overload and ambient overload (the comments are also worth a read).  He argues against the Clay Shirky talk that advanced “It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure.”

I agree with Carr – better filters mean that rather than just finding the good stuff we find ourselves overwhelmed with good stuff.  In health I find increasingly I am guiding users to places where they won’t be buried under an avalanche of interesting material about their topic. In the mean time there are still needles in haystacks – check out this video of a GP trying to locate a fact in some NICE Guidance.   I wonder what they will make of the new NICE pathways promised for May of this year?

(Incidentally Shirky is speaking at the MLA in Minneapolis – wouldn’t it be great to have a something of a similar ilk at a future HLG conference!).


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