Charisma. It’ll take care of itself

In How to work better on September 23, 2010 by Alan Lovell Tagged: , , ,

Whenever you meet someone “important”, let’s say a CEO, an influential academic, a successful (or indeed unsuccessful) entrepreneur, or a prodigious blogger with a large following, *sigh*, one is often struck by how charismatic they are. They seem to be comfortable with themselves and carry quiet (or sometimes loud) authority. I often think that their confidence and charisma were no doubt key to them getting to their successful position in life, work, organisation, profession etc.

Then on the train the other day I was watching a TED podcast with Seth Godin talking about leading tribes. It’s worth watching, just ten mins or so. But right at the end of the talk, virtually the last sentence I think, he said that if you fear that you don’t have the charisma (or the force of personality, or the “quiet authority”) to lead a tribe he said don’t worry, simply being the leader, being the person who took it upon themselves to take the initiative, will give you charisma. I mean apparently, even John Major had a certain “presence” when he was prime minister: there’s hope for us all.


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