Kindle – results of a quick play

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I bumped into a gadget loving friend on the weekend and he produced a Kindle from his bag.  Lovingly encased in a small padder bag he was really happy with it declaring it had fired him to read much more than he had previously.

I was glad to have a chance to have a play without needing to buy one.

It was pleasant enough to hold feeling solid enough but light.  The screen worked well with good contrast despite being in the park.  I didn’t like the way the pages transitioned but I can see why you would need a clear indication of transition.  Access to his collection of books was straightforward.  I had a bit of a play with the Internet access (he had the 3G version).  The picture for this was pretty good (all be it Black and White) and I expect that the navigation would get easier with practice.  It displayed my library catalogue fine and the small cover images were clear enough.

Generally I found the physical arrangement / labelling of buttons and options for moving around the device to be rather confusing.  I managed to end up in the wrong screen several times and almost succeeded in deleting a book! 

So – am I more tempted to buy one?  Not really. 

And the big reason would have to be the pricing for the ebooks themselves.  I have taken to looking on Amazon for the Kindle price.  For anything fairly current this seems to be no more than a pound less than for the physical object.  Generally it is about 40p cheaper.  I have found a few where the Kindle prices is higher.  OK – so there is VAT to pay but…

Maybe I am the wrong person for this product – I buy very few books at present – most of my reading is borrowed or the odd charity shop purchase here and there.  You also cannot lend a Kindle eBook (apart from if you hand over the physical device!) which is pretty limiting.  Amazon seem to take a dim view of lending Kindles.

I can see how it will work for people though and I will be looking for how my service might support people using the Kindle through our collections.


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  1. The fact that you can get out of copyright books for free is tempting, but I also wouldn’t be keen to spend almost the full price of a new book on an “e” rather than a “non-e” version.

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