(the) health informaticist now on Twitter

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Yes, we’re really motoring now and part of the social revolution. (the) health informaticist has joined Twitter and hopefully, with a little bit of luck, this story will automatically get posted to our new page – I’m just so looking forward to clicking “publish” to find out if it works or not. Do please follow us. No really, please…

*update 30 secs later*

It worked!


5 Responses to “(the) health informaticist now on Twitter”

  1. I cannot get the dratted thing to work – no twitter at work and at home it just says things have expired.

    Ho and Hum.

  2. So how do I find you on Twitter? @what?

  3. I am @alanfricker
    the other Alan is not a big tweeter
    Dani tweets @danni4info
    And have forgotten my other blogmates nom de twitter

    In theory tHI is @theHealthInf

  4. Have you tried following the instructions?

    Can no-one get it to work?

  5. Hurrah! Managed to get it to work last night. I had to unselect the twitter option and then reselect it. I then had to log out of my own twitter and log into @thehealthinf and do it all over again. I’ll see if it works when I next post.

    I then promoptly added a follow to the wrong twitter account. Sigh.

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