Brief note: To archive

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Perhaps it is too early to call Apple’s hijacking of the word ‘archive’ to mean delete (in the inbox context of iPhone OS 4) a rising trend. Still, it irks me to see that we are being encouraged to ‘archive’ things into a garbage can. Are they being facetious? Because I think that most archivists and organisations that they archive for take a slightly different view of the practice. Maybe labeling the bin this way is supposed to remove the negativity of deleting something. Just like ‘repurposing’ (instead of scrapping). Any other favourite technological understatements you’d care to share?

Update: A couple of other blogs have said that Archive is a Gmail option, and not a Mac thing. Although they have seemingly taken away the option to delete on the Mail app, they claim that Archive really does archive messages to read later. Why would anybody want to? I just leave them in my Inbox to read later, but I expect that some people would put them into folders.


One Response to “Brief note: To archive”

  1. Outlook does the same – you can archive emails to compress the space they take up. However, as I’ve been on to IS all week to retrieve my Archived emails, and not had any success, they may as well be deleted ! DON’T archive work emails, if you ever want to read them again…


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