Excellence and equity – google in action

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Intrigued to spot how a post on my work blog about the new NHS white paper was a) immediately picked up by Google b) given a time stamp of roughly when I started writing the blog post rather than when I published it and c) given massive prominence.

The post is currently (10am 13 July) first result from Google (above the white paper itself) for a search on  – excellence and equity nhs and the only relevant hit in the first ten for “Excellence and equity” with or without quotes – it seems education already used this particular tag line!  I am sure this will wash out in the next couple of days but nice to be at the top of things.

Much of the content was taken (with permission) from a Bulletin prepared by David Nicholls at East London and the City Alliance Health Intelligence Unit. His posting of the bulletin predated my post by some time (he was obviously in bright and early this morning!) but it is not coming up in Google.  I know their blog is relatively new (my work one started in Aug 2007 – with a trad Hello World post).  We also got a lot of traffic and links when we created a similar update post around the release of the Darzi report.


One Response to “Excellence and equity – google in action”

  1. Ha – my colleague pointed out one of the reasons for the high ranking. On my blog post (and this one) I invert the words in the title. The post does less well (though still pretty well) when you put the terms the right way round.

    Goes to show that you can still game Google by creating sites to exploit likely mistakes by searchers!

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