Working effectively: Screen sharing

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A colleague was just describing a great resource he had used at his previous workplace- a program that allowed one to share one’s computer screen with someone else who is working remotely. This technology sounded expensive, whizzy for sure but perhaps not worth the investment.

A search of “screen share” found me several low or no-cost options, including Skype’s website telling me that screen sharing is now a feature of Skype. Well, where have I been? Clearly neglecting non-iPhone skype for the past few months! The best bit is that this functionality is built into Skype rather than a clunky add on.

A recent posting on TechCrunch applauds Skype for screen sharing in light of the fact that much meeting software has failed, come demo time.  Yes, the article mentions that Skype screen share is a bit spartan- only one-to-one sharing is possible. But often that is adequate, in a small meeting, or over the phone. What is the potential for this sort of thing? No more rustling of papers, no more excuses about forgetting the print-outs, and even minor IT problems remotely solved by ‘lay’ colleagues rather than arranging site visits, etc with IT.

One blogger commented that Skype had made a positive impact on language teachers, but they were concerned about rumours that Skype (no longer owned by eBay) plans to place adverts on the service. I think any moving, flashing adverts would drive most users away to a different service.

Has anyone used screen sharing technology and did you find it useful?


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