7 Common Mistakes that Health Bloggers Make

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I think most of the following are quite common mistakes that health bloggers make when blogging- I know that I have committed a few of these no-nos.

1. Not keywording your posts.

Keywording aids finding things on t’internet in general, and gives the reader an ‘at a glance’ idea of what your blog posting is about. Come on- use your noodle to enhance your Wordle. Blogsessive has some nifty ideas for keywording your blog posts.

2. Rinky dink links.

Link love’ is a term used by gung ho bloggers to describe the rather promiscuous (or judicious?) usage of links on a blog. Link love is a good thing because it allows trackbacks to be created. A trackback notifies the person whose work is being linked to, simply so they know their stuff is being appreciated. When I see a blog post of more than a few lines without a link or two, this makes me blanche. What is the person’s source? Are they writing in isolation? Trust me, it does not make you an innovator to not link- there are no new ideas out there. Give credit by linking and people will come and visit your blog.

3. Trying to be extraordinary.

Are you a polymath or a synesthete? Do you blog mind-blowing essays or euphoria-inducing photos on your blog? I don’t, and I often feel like my stuff doesn’t stack up to what everyone else is doing out there on the ‘net. Don’t worry and don’t let it stop you blogging. Writing is the best practice for being a writer. Login to say a few words about what is on your mind, argue with somebody, or draw people’s attention to what is newsworthy. That is it- you are a funnel for information.

4. Hugging your blog.

Blogging without tweeting. Blogging without commenting on anyone else’s blog. This is on par with the ‘hugging your data‘ behaviour that Tim Berners-Lee rails against. I don’t understand why anyone would put loads of effort into writing, keywording and linking their blog posts only to massively #FAIL at sharing your wonderful blog with the world. After all, you can set up Twitter to share you posts automatically.

5. Being a hermit / living in self-imposed exile

You are not an island- reach out to your colleagues, your friends, your enemies even, and blog socially. I realise the cards are sometimes stacked against informaticists because we are such a small group. That is why I urge you to make friends with medics, shrinks, quack-watchers, polymaths and synesthetes. See number 5 in this top-tips list from ProBlogger.

6. Being a slave to your subject speciality

This one applies to me- when I started blogging, I was neurotically concerned with how on or off topic my blog posts were. To build on number 1 from the ProBlogger list, yes, do blog for yourself. But also do not let your blog’s topic area dictate what you should blog. (Note: I draw the line at library blogs that read like their writer’s personal diary- please create a personal blog for that stuff.)

We are generally told to have one blog per topic, but what, in all honesty, is a topic? This blog is health information based, but we are generally obsessed with the latest technology and web phenomena.

And finally, “we shouldn’t should ourselves” – keep it interesting to you because otherwise, why would you make time to blog?

7. Letting your blogroll languish.

Blogrolls are goldmines of information. So it makes me despair to see fabulously-titled but now defunct blogs in your blogroll. Have a clear out and add anything new you’ve been reading. Do it for all your readers, like me, who are desperate to know where you get your clever ideas from.


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