Pubmed Central 10 years old

In Uncategorized on May 6, 2010 by Hanna

The NLM Technical Bulletin reports that PubMed Central is celebrating 10 years of promoting open access publishing. Set up February 2000 ‘with a mandate to serve as a free digital archive for life sciences and biomedical literature’ it started life with just 2 full text journals but now boasts 600 plus a number of NIH funded articles, books and manuscripts. ResourceShelf also points to a lecture given by Dr. David Lipman, Director of National Center for Biotechnology Information at the National Library for Medicine that explores PubMed Central’s past and what the future will bring. I certainly wish them luck, as Public Library of Science (Plos) explains in its FAQs about open access publishing:

Published scientific discoveries and ideas are the foundation for future progress in science and medicine. The more widely and freely accessible they are, the greater their value to scientists, doctors, and the public. Unfettered access to research literature will allow scientists, physicians, educators, students, and the general public to find and read the latest scientific and medical discoveries.

Only yesterday I was having a conversation about author fees for this with a work-based researcher who said his employer was going to pay for submitting his articles to open access journals; purely academic research of course having recourse to putting author fees in any grant applications.


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