NHS Evidence – maturing with age?

In Uncategorized on April 29, 2010 by Alan Lovell

NHS Evidence has had a facelift. There’s still the mad staring eye but, you know what, it’s a more attractive site these days, particularly the results page (the home page is still not quite right). The “refine your search” function is looking better too, though it would be useful if you could choose your drug by trade name as well as active ingredient. The ability to choose the source of the information is implemented in a clear fasion and is helpful, and if you know what you’re looking for NHS Evidence effectively allows you to search a number of sites all from one place. Good to see that the specialist collections are still functioning too. Rather annoyingly you have to register to be able to save your search results and use various other functions, but on the whole NHS Evidence is turning into a useful little tool.


2 Responses to “NHS Evidence – maturing with age?”

  1. Oh dear, are you still under threat? I’m not in the NHS so am rather out of the loop of the current situation. Getting rid of them would be both a blow to the consumer (people like me) and another slap in the face for the librarian profession and their collection development skill sets. Robots do not make good indexers, cataloguers, researchers, editors, journalists or librarians; nor do they make a good cup of tea.

    Is it possible to describe the current situation without getting into hot water?

  2. See what I find weird and maybe I didn’t spot it before was that it is described on the banner at the top as ‘Search Engine for Evidence Based Medical Advice’ – I thought it was just about information and that this may mislead patients who stumble across it (but who probably want NHS Choices).
    Other than that I like the fact that it is not so Google and has highlighted more of what hides behind the search box.

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