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 Jumps out from Cochrane Collaboration page now. Seems to be that you can’t log-in unless you go and try retrieving your results hmm.

OvidSP has been urging me to try their new interface.

It has a liking for small boxes. And looks quite smart with your saved searches in My Workspace which is now more prominent:

Anyone tried it for an actual search? Only other thing I noticed was it has a multi-field search but it may have had this in an earlier version…what else would people improve? I’m generally quite a big fan of Ovid and find it very user friendly. Worst database I have to use is HEED eek


One Response to “New interfaces”

  1. Ooh, eek indeed. I have vague memories of using HEED 3 years ago and I remember there being virtually not authority control. Or maybe it was all just keywords and let’s forget controlled vocabulary?

    I do like Ovid Medline but I haven’t used the new interface yet. When they last upgraded the interface they played around with the search history box, putting it below the text box. I think they may have learned not to do that- or at least to make it customisable.

    I was showing someone Ovid Medline recently and it was interesting to see it through a beginner’s eyes- what is this Explode thing? Why is one term below another in the tree, etc. It is amazing because it does become easy to use with use, but I remember when I was new to it, and it really wasn’t that intuitive.

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