Copyright – digital and traditional

In Uncategorized on April 15, 2010 by Hanna

One of my favourite bloggers Paul Carr has been talking about the pros and cons of the new Digital Economy Bill. And this has coincided nicely with the reminder that copyright is not just about file sharing or shutting down public wifi but is something we have to deal with in our work with researchers. So what is the copyright do’s and don’t of for example a journal club? And what about making copies for committees of people who under the author definition of the NHS copyright license could be construed as consultants for guidance production (which they are) and it is for NHS purposes whatever that means. I go back to numerous rants about why the state must pay twice for research (paying research grants then paying for journal subscriptions) and that we want this work for non-commercial purposes possibly even getting into the realms of criticism, review and reporting as we don’t want to reinvent the wheel merely to seek out evidence and decide whether a totality of evidence means we will or won’t fund a drug or advocate a treatment pathway…


2 Responses to “Copyright – digital and traditional”

  1. Worth looking at a recent piece on copyright in the Economist, and also considering if the NHS actually needs a license.

  2. See some stuff from the economist here

    The CLA are pretty determined that the NHS does need a licence (but then that is very much their business). Had an interesting discussion with them at a trade show where they were pleased to be proving a licence extension related to electronic journals. Bearing in mind the amount of money we already pay for permission to use these I was unsure of how there was any further opportunity for the CLA to extract income. Surely the licences we sign for ejournals should give us all the rights we need or why sign them?

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