Pharm line database now open access and DH stop smoking app

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Tom Burnham the database manager posted on LIS-MEDICAL:

Please note that the Pharm-line database ( is being closed in its present form from the end of March 2010, after nearly 28 years.

Key content (essentially non-clinical) is in the process of being transferred to a new Medicines Management area in the National electronic Library for Medicines (MeLM) – see

So the end of one era and the start of another? NeLM still has references to National Library for Health…I sign up for their alerts and they are useful albeit I often find other sources of information first via blogs or more industry related news sites such as the free stuff on Pharmaceutical Business ReviewNew Drugs Online  is another I’ve recently used ( I discovered it via NHS Evidence although it is a UKMI resource, you can’t just go straight to it in NHS Evidence without searching although perhaps I am wedded to primary sources too much). Are there any other sites people use to track licensing information for new drugs?

The Department of Health has launched an iPhone app to help you quit smoking. It’s available via NHS Choices and iTunes and seems to be their first app. At least our smoking figures are falling. According the BMJ the Dutch has seen smoking increase and they have struggled to enforce their smoking ban due to a legal loophole that saw unstaffed cafes exempt from the ban, smoking creeping back into larger cafes as a result.


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  1. Actually its the second app from NHS Choices, the first is an Alcohol Tracker released in December:

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