Priorities and using technology in medicine

In Evidence-Based Librarianship on March 5, 2010 by Hanna Tagged:

Interesting debate on LIS-LINK this week about whether retrospective cataloguing and projects such as COPAC are a reinvention of unionised catalogue wheel long worn out. At work we have had a clear out which is long overdue. Which brings me to priorities in information services: if in tightened times we cut back and prioritise, why shouldn’t we be thinking about this all the time? So what are the hard outcomes of retrospective cataloguing? And I have a friend who does this so am now in for some flack albeit I’m just asking the question…if users are priorities then will they benefit from access to hidden treasures and if so how much more than say other services from which they might benefit such as document delivery or doing literature searches for them or any number of things. Is this a case of needing user research to back up strategy instead of making assumptions and ploughing on because it was what you were taught in library school?

Techcrunch had an interesting story on how a text to speech service helped a man get his voice back so he was him and not a computer generated character called Alex.


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