Looking to the future of CILIP

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As you may have read on the main CILIP site – I am one of the project board for the ‘Big Conversation’ initiative. 

The plan is to “gather views from a range of stakeholders, including CILIP members, about what CILIP should look like in 5 and 10 years time. Key questions the big conversation will address include what CILIP’s business model could be, what it should offer to members, to the library and information profession, and society.”.

There was a certain amount of confusion and angst around the process of setting up the Project Board.  I think Elspeth Hyams puts it well in her editorial in the latest issue of Update (going semi digital this year incidentally) “The panel will umpire the debate, collect feedback and manage the process.  Not do the talking.  That’s for you.”

What the intial flurry showed was the strong feelings that surround CILIP as an organisation.  While far from univerally positive I would say that was more encouraging than indifference.  It will be intriguing to see how much interest can be generated from those not already members or ex-members.  Hopefully also we can avoid the modern tendency to excessive snark in online forums (a little always comes in handy mind).

I would personally welcome input on a badge for this process other than the ‘Big Conversation’ due to associations that brand carries.


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