New Scientist’s new paywall

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It really isn’t the news of the century, but the New Scientist has erected a firewall since I was last there. I have been signed up to the ScienceDirect alerts for the New Scientist which give a single sentence ‘abstract’ to the article. It used to be great-just go to the NS website and get the full text for free (well, after some digging as the title is usually mysteriously different from what ScienceDirect gives you).  Now they have a very cordial message suggesting if you share your personal details, then you will then have 9 articles per month free to peruse. It sounds fairly reasonable, actually. What do you think? Any eyebrow-raising schemes that you’ve noticed?  I suppose we are slowly marching to this sort of semi-free access model now.


4 Responses to “New Scientist’s new paywall”

  1. I wonder if it works like the similar system? As mentioned over at Tom Roper’s place you can avoid the registration / number of free articles per month by just searching for the article title on Google and going straight to it.

    I would test it but I am too lazy to go and fetch a paper copy of New Scientist.

  2. You’re totally right- I tried a known item search with a keyword and ‘new scientist’ in google and I got straight in. Hmm. Should we not tell anyone? 🙂

  3. I found out about the one through using – I suspect the NewScientist one will soon be in the same place.

  4. The New Scientist has now removed the paywall although I haven’t been able to discover whether they made a public announcement of it. Perhaps the world and their dog just did what I did and stopped going there.

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