Legible london and walking for public health

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I missed the CILIP in London session about Legible London (did it go ahead in the snow?). This looked at how signage design can encourage walking and is being piloted in Central London along the South Bank and in Covent Garden as well as Richmond and Twickenham. I like the way that design and information can come together so seamlessly.


4 Responses to “Legible london and walking for public health”

  1. Oh yes, it went ahead. See accounts here:

  2. Ah – I was going to point people to your excellent summary of the event. Thanks for doing so for us.

  3. I missed the talk too-and I am a fairly militant walker. I agree with Tom that it is such great value to walk. My partner is an avid cyclist and he worked out that it is more expensive to cycle (not including equipment) than to take the bus somewhere because of the extra food he has to buy to fuel himself up. Sort of true of walking-but so rewarding that it doesn’t matter.

  4. See also the accounts by Matthew Rees and CILIP’s very own Richard Hawkins
    It was very well attended and not just by hacks from the CILIP mainstream: a lot of people there were non-members, and were information architects, project managers etc

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