Library rationalisation

In Uncategorized on January 11, 2010 by Hanna

No not inviting Descartes and Spinoza to your library for a tour but the result of budget tightening and space restrictions. The library element of where I work is shrinking in space and resources and what to do with the resources we have left in terms of organisation and dissemination – do we need a traditional library management system at all? Is it easier to go back to spreadsheets and basic filing systems for things such as inter-library loans (our one large-ish need for the system that isn’t working now and is too expensive)? Should I experiment with Open Source (thought I’d come late to the debate but no) especially since it’s risk free as we don’t have much to play with? Have been looking at Koha, Evergreen and the OLE project (bit late for us) but fear retendering will get more of the same trad systems as innovation is scary etc), any tips on how to avoid this (we’re public sector ouch)? Questions questions…


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  1. On OpenLMS you could speak to colleagues in East of England. They have been doing some work looking at open source systems. The library at the Homeopaths are catually running with one.

    Does anyone have an LMS that does ILL well? I used to use a DOS based thing that linked up with the BL lovely when I worked at the DoH. It was however – not millenium bug compliant and came on floppy disks that were actually floppy they were that old. We shifted to using the system in Unicorn and it just wasn’t as good. If ILL is all you need I would ditch the LMS and look for something tailored / build something that will work.

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