HBR’s predictions for working in 2010

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Happy New year, all. Sorry I’ve been so quiet- one of my resolutions is to make time to blog weekly. Another resolution is to try not to do too much. Late in 2009 I found myself up to my eyeballs and it was mainly my working arrangements. I badly need to sort this out in 2010.

One of the Harvard Business Review’s predictions for 2010 is that “more people will maintain two sources of income than ever before.” Slightly depressing, I think. Why can’t we get by on one source of income? What does this say about people’s faith in their employer? Don’t we enter a relationship with our employer that stipulates that they will take care of us (financially/educationally/structurally) and we will return the favour by helping them acheive their objectives? HBR says this two-job norm is a ‘safety net’ whereby knowledge workers become ‘entrepreneurs’. Really-not sad apples saddled with two or more jobs? I think the idea of being self-employed can be seductive-until tax time rolls around!

I agree that ‘more diverse’ work arrangements (#4) are increasing-at least for those who have the luxury of teleworking.

I’m hesitant to agree with #5 about organisations behaving less paternalistically towards employees. Yes, I have had a menu of benefits, but in every other aspect we are not in control. Has anyone had an experience of ‘adult choice’ here?


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