Cilip mandatory CPD survey – speak now…

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Cilip watchers will recall a bit of a flurry of debate regarding the introduction of mandatory “light touch” CPD not so long ago (including here and on CILIP Communities). 

This has resurfaced with a chance to have some input via this survey (open till 15th Jan).  It is worth noting that input is invited from non members and members alike (and you might win an Amazon voucher for your trouble).

Personally I think mandatory CPD is overdue as is some kind of electronic system for logging it.  I think all professional organisations should now offer a means for people to record their work and CPD activities.  This should then be selectively shareable via a public section of the professional organisation website.  In effect I should be able to present a regularly updated professional profile to the world – through my association with the body in question.  Something like this would likely be richer than most job applications allow and would be a boon to employers looking to get a better idea of a candidate.  It could form the basis of networking and link through the various online forums.


3 Responses to “Cilip mandatory CPD survey – speak now…”

  1. Ooh, I like that idea! It’d be great if CILIP could offer some kind of public CPD profile option on the website – I wonder if CILIP Communities could be revamped for that purpose?

  2. I *definitely* like your suggestion of electronically logging continuing education somehow. I think that CILIP needs to reconsider the existing structure of chartered (or chartering) members/ fellows versus associate members. By cordoning off the option to do CPD we are less likely to take the plunge to do it. Make CPD less of a marriage-type commitment and more of a going-to-a-workshop-once-every-6 months-type commitment, I think.

    Whoever is ‘scared’ by a mandatory CPD solution can pipe up in the survey or choose a different professional organisation.

  3. It just seems self evident to me. Who isn’t doing CPD? Give people a simple tool to track and reflect on it and they will thank you. Give people a slightly swishier tool to reuse that data and you have happy members.

    That said – some people probably will leave.

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