The annual arrival of the CILIP AGM-foll …

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The annual arrival of the CILIP AGM-follow #cilipagm on Twitter to read updates from @tomroper, @m_hopwood and @CILIPinfo-always gives me a little thrill. I am aware of the content of the meeting, via Twitterfall. I am not sure if they have set it up to allow those distant to participate, but perhaps this should be a consideration next year. Which way will the vote for the membership fees go? I was torn over this issue as £7 more per year is not considerable, but I wonder if more effort shouldn’t be put towards diversifying the content of conferences and training so that ‘non-traditional’ areas of information management-web developers, information architects, SEO managers, etc-would be tempted to join. These are areas in which a large number of people work. The 20,000 strong population of CILIP could be seriously augmented.

Anyone attending CILIP AGM 2009 have any reflections they’d like to share?

Update: It looks like membership fees will go up, then, as the majority voted yes to this measure (115 to 66).  The treasurer spoke to say that this would help increase advocacy (=marketing? I hope- ‘advocacy’ is a bit vague.), establishing statutory school libraries and helping health libraries.  Bottom line: CILIP fee increase-still cheaper than a bottle of decent riesling.

It was surprising to see (in the tweets also) that technology costs exceeded 500k-why so much?

Members appear to be discussing other possibilities such as a ‘pay as you go’ (!) option and different ways of interacting with CILIP. Also mentioned was how to increase subscriptions with 4,000 members expected to retire in the next 10 years. Marketing, advocacy, image change. Make CILIP fun. Please!


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  1. yes ! we wrote about it as well. wash your hands with soap, kids:

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