Pubmed’s new look

In Information industry on October 1, 2009 by Hanna Tagged: , ,

A colleague passed on the link to a preview of Pubmed’s new interface. It was reported in NLM’s technical bulletin which I always mean to read and never do…They have gone for a streamlined look (more Googlisation?) and a warm and cuddly picture of a book opening. SLA Europe are having a talk on the Google-isation of research featuring information bods and vendors on 7th October which I can’t make but which promises to be interesting in terms of the trend in search design.


One Response to “Pubmed’s new look”

  1. Now I’ve found where the limits and the Details tab migrated to (I was worried they’d got rid of the latter), the changes seem mostly sensible. The clutter’s been cut down, RSS is enabled, and all the more advanced features are now in Advanced Search (which I know has been around for a while) which gives you a line by line display. I anticipate finding it less of a headache to teach.

    However, it’s learnt an awful, awful trick from EBSCOhost by keeping the last search term in the main box after you search, and ANDing this with anything you later stick in the Advanced Search boxes unless you remember to clear it. I’ve already submitted feedback telling them to knock it off.

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