Tweeting – the new medical slang?

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Coverage from BBC news of an article in JAMA on tweeting medical students.

No great shock to read that medical students (in common with swathes of the population at large) may not always think through the wisdom of what they post.  Given the responsibility held by medics it has the potential to be the new medical slang scandal with lots of angst in the media.

More interesting perhaps is a snap shot of online participation by medical students

The majority of respondents were daily users of the Internet for e-mail and similar communications (99%; 70/71), as well as Web surfing (71%; 50/70). Web 2.0 use was less common. Most respondents reported never or rarely using social networking sites (68%; 48/71), reading blogs (79%; 56/71), posting on blogs (87%; 61/70), reading wikis (69%; 48/70), or writing on wikis (91%; 64/70).

Slightly confusing presentation of the stats.  I am not sure I agree with the interpretation – it would help to know the levels of never vs rarely.  It would also help to know what the alternative statements were – often, daily, hourly?  9% writing on wikis at least more than rarely seems strikingly high to me given the usual levels of online participation with many more viewing than writing.


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