Adding NHS Evidence Search to Google Toolbar

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For some reason I have held out till now against installing Google Toolbar – more fool me.  It really is very handy.

On starting to play with it I immediately thought – I wish I could use this to launch a search on resource of the moment – NHS Evidence.  And what do you know – you can add new search targets.

Once you have Google Toolbar installed you just go to the search engine you want to add – right click in the search box and select “Generate Custom Search”. 

Well – that is the theory.  In practice my first run at it added a button to my toolbar but all it did was send me to NHS Evidence and add my search terms in the box ready to hit search.  I wasn’t satisfied with that so I bodged about with the code a bit and got this.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<custombuttons xmlns=”“>
    <search method=”post” charset=”utf-8″>{query}</search>
    <title>NHS Evidence</title>
    <description>NHS Evidence</description>

So once you have added your initial (not quite right) search button – right click on it – select NHS Evidence Button Options – click on advanced – and replace the code with the above and save to the toolbar.

Bingo.  It still isn’t perfect by any means – if you try and do a subsequent search from the box at the top of your results you get sent back to the NHS Evidence home page.  And the icon is just a blob – though as a blue blob it looks a little like the Liquorice Allsort of doom that is the NHS Evidence logo.

I know NHSE are planning to create a smart Google style tool bar but in the mean time this does the job fine.  If they like they could set up a button that works properly (I am sure this would actually be pretty easy) and host an “add this to my Google Toolbar” link.

If anyone can fix my bodge to work better (or hosts an “add this to my Toolbar link” – let me know and I will update this post accordingly.


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