Mobile computing?

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I have been spending a fair bit of time lately thinking about the future and what shape the service I deliver should take. 

There are loads of interesting things to consider on this (see David Rothman for example) and some perhaps less interesting (see this 2009 report on emerging trends in special libraries in New Zealand Ralph and Sibthorpe – loads of research literature but less that grabbed me – it does also need to do some basic fact checking CILIP is not ASLIB and has rather more than 700 members.)

The Krafty Librarian writes a timely post for me then on Medical Apps and Phones.  We have toyed with support for PDA use in the past (Leicester have done good things here as they often do) but they seem to be a tool on the way out – convergence and all that jazz.  

KraftyLibrarian discusses Blackberry versus iPhone and how they might hang together with IT support in the hospital.  Looking around my own hospital there seems to have been an explosion in Blackberry use of late.  They are largely in the hands of managers (including clinical managers).  It is harder to judge iPhone penetration but I have rescued at least one clinician from a Black Screen of Death and seen plenty of them around.  As users shift to email addresses it seems likely more people will increasingly use their web enabled phones to access work email.

Now that we have largely accepted that using a mobile in most clinical environments is not going to lead to major issues we have to expect that the screens in peoples pockets are going to be a major service point for us.  Time to start testing those websites/ opacs, looking at the content and an excuse to get a new toy…


6 Responses to “Mobile computing?”

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  2. University Hospitals of NHS Trust did the palm study, not Leicester University, as per your link above.

    We’re now looking at smartphones & their use.

    • Thanks Pip – I always get the wrong websites for Leicester. I have updated the post to reflect your link.

      Would love to hear about what you are doing with Smart Phones…

  3. Trying to make them sync with our computers at the minute! Ministers losing laptops and memory sticks have a lot to answer for.

  4. […] previously mentioned there are increasing numbers of mobile devices in evidence around the hospital.  The medical […]

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