Woofer: Twitter for the verbose

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Did you know that there is a Twitter clone out there called Woofer that forces you to write 1400 character plus updates? It doesn’t surprise me that Twitter alternatives are popping up, given the notoriety of Twitter (I would say ‘success’ but some of you will undoubtedly disagree with me). But what is surprising is that anybody could possibly need this bloated number of characters to impart their wisdom to the woofersphere. And be forced to a large, and arbitrary, minimum.

I have no desire to read reams of text in a update format, especially when there is no pressure to at least try to be grammatical and eloquent, as there might be in a blog.

I do like the idea of ‘woofing’ instead of tweeting. Perhaps there should be a halfway house (of ‘meowing’? ‘neighing’?) that gives you 200-250 characters as a maximum?

I agree with Mashable on this one-Woofer appears to be a joke.


One Response to “Woofer: Twitter for the verbose”

  1. Can we use Twitter for educational activities?

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