I’ve just come across a study that shou …

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I’ve just come across a study that should be on the NCBI ROFL website. Research that is perhaps interesting in theory but of dubious (or debatable, if you’d like to give me your thoughts) value. Impact of nurses clothing on anxiety in hospitalised children by Roohafza et al. Roohafza’s team found that, apparently, white clothing was more anxiety-provoking in paediatric patients than coloured clothing. I don’t question the ideals here-it is just the thought of the clownish bright colours being made standard kit instead of the clean, professional whites, that makes me smile. I was about to bemoan the quality of nursing research also, but all but one of the authors of this study is an MD.


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  1. Hm, I don’t find the study too absurd. Nurses here in the States are often free to wear whatever color scrubs they want, and on pediatric units it’s not uncommon to see scrubs with cartoon characters and such on them. Now and again there will be a debate over whether this is a good thing. Some theorize that nurses would be more respected if we returned to wearing whites again, or there would at least be less confusion among patients about who is a nurse.

  2. I recently worked in a nursing home that still requires nurses to wear white and a nursing cap. I didn’t like it at first but I do have to admit that the staff there looked extremely professional an no matter how confused the patient was, they knew a nurse was a nurse when they saw the hat. Not that I want to go back to those days again but to be honest, there was definitely an air of professionalism there that doesn’t seem to exist in other places.

  3. Interesting viewpoints, both. I would bet that it probably helps staff morale to be able to have some choice in what they wear. If the clothing is vague or suggests that the person wearing it is not a professional, bright colours etc. could work against nurses, I agree. There are probably other measures, I can’t help thinking, that would put patients at ease, such as colourful bed linen? Or artwork on the walls?

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