fefoo – not another search engine

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I’m not sure why it’s called fefoo, but it’s quite a nice little tool. It’s not another search engine. Rather, it’s a tool through which you can search a whole range of different search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, of course, but also many of those funny little ones you’ve never heard of, like Viewzi (fun graphical interface), Spezify (yet more fun graphical interfaces) and LexxeAlpha (no fun graphical interfaces, but rather powered by “advanced natural language technology”, though still returns Wikipedia first).  The search pages give a little tool bar at the top that allows you quickly to try your search in another search engine. You can also look for blogs, images, torrents, people, movies etc. It’s all quite useful, to tell the truth. And finally, if you’re truly hardcore, rather than specifying in the drop down menus that you want to search Yahoo, say, you can use command line searches, in this case, for a search on ‘Tom Baker’, “:yahoo Tom Baker”, though unfortunately it does not seem that you can combine command lines searches, e.g. “:yahoo :images Tom Baker” for, you guessed it, images of Tom Baker. Oh well. It’s a nice little tool nonetheless, and helps ensure you venture beyond just Google from time to time.


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