First PC with Google Android coming soon

In Information industry on June 3, 2009 by Alan Lovell Tagged: , , , ,

Interesting. The FT reports that: “Acer, the world’s third biggest PC maker, on Tuesday said it would start producing the world’s first mainstream notebook computer using Google’s Android operating system before the end of September.” Everyone’s doing everything. Search engines make operating systems, and manufacturers of operating systems make search engines. And everyone makes browsers. I guess it’s a reflection of the gradual breaking down of barriers between hardware and software, online and offline, your local C: drive and the World Wide Web, the cloud and terra firma. But are these companies who try and do everything not just sowing the seeds of their own destruction? Can you really do everything well? Are they only viable because of their ability to dominate the market and buy up/elbow out any new contenders? Answers on a postcard please to…


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