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Who doesn’t like a little qualitative research, especially when it relates to CILIP, a professional organisation for information folk in the UK that is currently on the precipice of becoming irrelevant. New graduates and young professionals, are indeed a tiny group, or perhaps they just never attend events and conferences.

So perhaps this is an olive branch-PARN is conducting a survey on how you would like to communicate with CILIP and what your experience of social networks is. It is open to everyone, not just CILIP members (thankfully), until the end of July.


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  2. I have completed the survey. Not sure I understood all the questions mind.

    I am going to have to stick up for CILIP here. CILIP is a membership organisation. What that means is that the shape it takes ultimately depends on the participation of members. Corporate CILIP is a very small number of people. There are quite a lot of members. If people do not think that CILIP is doing what they would like – then they should get involved and actively change it. What would make the difference for young professionals and turn CILIP into something they want? What about older professionals – there are plenty of those not in CILIP or seemingly endlessly frustrated and moaning about it? There seems to be a paucity of constructive suggestions and plenty of people saying – what has CILIP ever done for me? (apart from a pretty decent magazine, job ads, chartering, free and not free CPD events, a network of Special Interest Groups, conference organisation, copyright work, etc I could go on).

    Edward Dudley once commented (at one of the CILIP London events you cover in your next post) that any slightly determined group of people could effectively control large chunks of CILIP simply by the process of joining the relevant committees. Why not change CILIP if we do not like it?

  3. Yes, I have done the survey and didn’t 100% get some of the questions. Should help push things along though.

    I think I agree that there are ways to get involved in Cilip but that it is an uphill battle and has perhaps painted itself into a corner as not being seen as relevant or essential. I do some things for CILIP and it is heartening to see that at least with the Gazette and Update magazine, they are quite open to discussion and actively seek it out. I can communicate with the editor via Twitter if I want. There are pockets that are technologically advanced and maybe others that are in the dark ages.

    The frustration comes, for me, from not having a lot of time to do all the things I want to with CILIP. I saw the call for Policy and Ethics committee members recently and, although it sounded interesting, I simply do not have the extra time to commit to that. Nor do I want to forgo all of the idle pleasures in life to devote myself entirely to professional organisations. Because then life would be dull.

    I still think that CILIP needs to actively solicit ideas and opinions from its members and this survey is a good start.


  4. Most things worth doing involve a certain amount of effort. It really isn’t an uphill battle to get involved with cilip – almost the opposite – you could be signing cheques and setting out development programmes for a SIG before you know it. In terms of soliciting ideas and opinions – in recent times HLG have surveyed the membership a couple of times and there was a recent call for input to the business plan. CILIP is more than just CILIP HQ.

    HLG loves to receive input and activity from members. Want an event / activity related to HI / KM / CPD? Gather a few souls together and submit the idea (I would be happy to help) – if it would draw a crowd there is a fair chance it could draw some
    funding. Is there scope for a monthly HI interested group to meet in London? Something like the knowledge cafe I attended with Hanna the other day – a brief presentation and a lot of discussion? I expect there are pubs in London that of an unpopular week night would let people book a room for free in exchange for the trade.

    The time issue is a live one – but always has been. It would be interesting to consider how cilip could perhaps better use technology to capture peoples ability to make a contribution at any point in time. Perhaps through a coordinated network of people who make their interest / availability known? Like some of the volunteering sites do for example.

    I am unconvinced that being able to twitter with someone at CILIP rather than email / phone / whatever really makes the difference on whether it as a whole is relevant. I am still cross eyed from following #cilip2 the other week.

    Right back to the acquisitions.

  5. Alan, you, me, Hanna, and Alan L need to thrash this out over a pint. I think you make some very reasonable points but for some reason I feel some very real resistance to the new generation from the establishment.

    I feel that the openness to twitter is a big step in the right direction. I think that was kind of it as to be on twitter all the time is perhaps not a good use of time.


  6. Hi Danielle,

    A beer sounds a very good idea. I sat on the tube on Friday after this discussion (on the way to the pub via the fascinating current exhibitions at the Wellcome Collection) and sketched out a rough idea for a running series of open low cost / no cost events. I wrote down enough topics to last for two years worth of monthly meetings without even thinking about it all that hard.

    Anyone free Monday 1st?

  7. Hi Alan F,

    Sounds remarkable-I think all the elements were right, a bit of Wellcome, a bit of pub, and, shazaam, a fab list of event ideas. 😉 I can do the 1st and am quite curious about these low/no cost events. Let us know the time and place off blog.

  8. See I am involved but as a subscribing member (and on a committee and as a contributer to publications and turning up to random events etc) and thus don’t have to deal with corporate CILIP so much although the tension is smaller than even corporate CILIP and it is more *some* of those employed by CILIP versus *some* potentially promising members of the new and very much changing governance structure. The leader of council has said she is up for shaking things up and that would be great but unfortunately I want to see some change before I sign up for CILIP as my representative body. I do not believe the cost of membership is good value for money and the scrapping of tiered rates is extremely unusual for a professional body of this kind (I’ve currently researching global professional bodies for an abstract submission for LIANZA’s conference in October). I do not believe the expression of the professional body of knowledge is robust enough and it lacks clarity (see LIANZA or the ALA for much better more confident expositions of what we’re about). I’m a member of the SLA and not just because I won an award. I feel that even as an international member and thus being slightly detached from the US centric organisation I do not feel at distance as events and mailings and personal contacts I have made mean I am in touch with what is happening. It is this multiplicity of channels that CILIP seems afraid of. It has only just begun to revamp its website into something respectable from and information body. I am not convinced CILIP gets what it’s chartership qualification is for and without mandatory CPD nevermind any concerted effort at linking in with an education system it does not seem to regulate or chivvy into the 21st Century or what employers want then it is meaningless. I have many ideas however so yeah maybe I’ll hook myself up for a trustee post. I just feel the generation gap is too great, that the things that I’m interested in don’t have to be persued in a membership model but at the same time I want to engage so would be very happy to organise and get more like minded people (reluctant optimists if you were) who want to make things better or at least relevant.

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