CILIP in London- May Event

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Two tHI (guys, how are we abbreviating this blog’s name?) bloggers attended the CILIP in London event this past Tuesday evening, at the Sekforde Arms, where they are always held. It was my first one and it was well worth it.

Franklyn Tancock, Plant Collections Curator, talked about his long involvement with cataloguing plants for the National Trust. Now they have invested thousands (in donations from Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks) in the project. It includes a shiny new Oracle and Microsoft Java based database that will house records of every plant in 80 of their gardens by 2011. He also spoke about how GPS technology has revolutionised the creation of garden surveys to aid the planning of gardens and location of plants. It all sounds like great fun-being out in the field, pinging plants with a GPS handheld to accession them, getting a bit of vitamin D.

Just the realisation the plants are catalogued was a delightful and interesting one.

Unfortunately for those who enjoy Cilip in London’s *free* and *catered* monthly sessions, they will be fewer and less frequent in the future, which is a shame. Apparently it is credit crunch-related. Hanna had a good idea about how they could make it affordable. Guess which idea was hers, in the poll.


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  1. Was it “What the Dickens is Cilip in London, by George”?

  2. I love the CILIP in London evening meetings. Painfully for me I work late Tuesdays so my attendance has been very low in recent years. Just to restate that – years. This series of meetings has been running monthly ever since CILIP was created through the merger of LA and IIS (it was an IIS thing before). The meetings are advertised on a number of mailing lists and on the CILIP site.

    They are brilliant meetings in terms of the varied speakers, varied audience and free sausages. The fact you can have a beer does not hurt either. That would be my objection against relocating it to CILIP. Perhaps the catering could lose the sausages and keep the monthly meetings (sigh)?

    CILIP in London is mostly visible through the meetings but they do other stuff and London based CILIP folk receive a regular newsletter through the post.
    The newsletter reports all the meetings – an opportunity to write and a further means for people to be aware of future meetings.

    A reduction in frequency will be a real loss. I was talking to someone at another event well frequented by tHI folk (are you writing it up Hanna or should I?) and they were saying how twenty years ago there were loads more early evening type events – what happened?

    There are interesting articles regarding the attitude of Gen X in the nursing context (roughly work time is work and non work time I do other stuff – I leave when my shift ends and no later). Is this something we are suffering from in the library world? Or is it that people are genuinely too busy?

  3. Oh and thinking about it – the CILIP in London meetings are not “free” – they are paid for by Capitation given to the group from the membership fees of CILIP folk. Free at the point of use is the expression I believe is used elsewhere in health land.

  4. I agree absolutely with Alan, though to my shame I last attended an event in January. I’d plead a long journey home as an excuse, but so have lots of people.
    I’d pay a small fee per meeting. I’d hate it if they moved away from the Sekforde. Ridgmount St is dull in the evening, availability is very limited, (though one idea from the branch and group meeting CILIP in London organised a year ago was that it should be opened up on more nights) and, above all, there’s no beer or sausages.

  5. Yes, I meant free (as in no tickets or £ at the door) and open to all comers (as it is not limited to just CILIP members) which is so rare these days for anything. Interesting that it is being paid by capitation-so more CILIP members equals more and better events like this? Or is that too hopeful?

    I am told they get a lot of NHS folk out to these events. I honestly believe that it could be marketed a bit harder (there is a website, but it does not mention the event until just before it happens. Also the flyer does not wax poetic about upcoming talks.) If anything, it makes me think ‘rats! I’ve missed *another* great talk. I should go sometime.’ And then I forget.

    Sometimes, a small fee and a reservation in advance can work wonders for attendance. There are web tools that do this now, probably for free. Heck there’s facebook, but I don’t think it has any payment system that a plebian can use.

    Ralph Adam did mention that some folks wanted a variety of days rather than just Tuesdays. He also suggested he’d be happy to have some help in planning these fab evenings.

  6. I don’t know how far ahead Ralph organises the events – some seem to have more notice than others. Regarding other discussions on this blog – see how easy it is to get involved with CILIP – talk to anyone involved for more than a few minutes and they will try and enlist you!

    In terms of capitation – more members does indeed mean more money. Unfortunately the rate per head has fallen due to financial tightening at CILIP. This is the same for all the CILIP branches and SIGs. We are not talking big bucks here. Last I heard it was also planned that branches will become opt in (you currently get one by default). There is concern that this may further undermine the income stream.

    I am sure more could be made of the CILIP London meeting. I notice on their site that one has been recorded as a podcast – it would be great if this could be standard – perhaps with debate to follow online somewhere? As ever more people involved could drive more activity.

  7. I would love to go to some of the CILIP in London events, they always look really interesting, but I also work Tuesday evenings. If they could shuffle the days around I would definitely try and attend! I wouldn’t object to a small fee either, if it was a choice between that or having less events.

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