The Death of ambition

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One reviewer on called working for the NHS “the death of ambition.” A UK Finance Manager at Microsoft said “Microsoft is a great place to work until you work there”.

GlassDoor has a “give to get” model – information on salaries and job reviews is free, but you must write a review before you have full access to the details of other anonymous reviews. If you work for a small organisation, they say you can maintain anonymity by not divulging your location or job title.

This reminds me of a discussion we had about a site Hanna mentioned called Roll on Friday that discusses City of London law firms in terms of business culture and salaries.

This is vital knowledge for any job seeker, and I hope GlassDoor does not just become a gripe session either, as some of the reviews suggest it could become.  Reviews do tend to be polarised in general-or else why would a person be motivated to post a review? They post because they either loved it or hated it. (TripAdvisor is a case in point.) Roll on Friday avoids this by providing anonymous summaries from an independent group.

Any ideas on how to avoid gripe sessions in web 2.0 type reviews?


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