NHS Evidence is here

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What do people think of the new look? It combines a Google-esque search with a cleaner display of the content. NICE also has a new website… 

Meanwhile I’ve been catching up on the twitter collective of what happened at CILIP last night. The elephant in the room being if branches and groups are delivering what people want from CILIP and CILIP aren’t interested in new technologies (or even simple things like email provision to said groups and electronic payment systems) then why shouldn’t branches and groups become independent? Funding of course is an issue but there is this thing called sponsorship and much of the running ‘costs’ are already being carried by individuals on committees setting up blogs and websites as well as events that feed into the needs of members (and naughty non-members or subscribers such as I).


One Response to “NHS Evidence is here”

  1. I like the look but have not had much of a play with the new search. It is very clean and a bit unnerving with a single blue eye staring at me…

    The ‘way forward’ for the Cilip 2.0 discussion was a little vague but it sounds like it will spin out into a series of talks. It is a bit odd though that CILIP do not take electronic payment. I think groups like UKeiG should lead the way as well as the early adopters on Twitter.

    A wiki has been set up to capture some of the discussion on CILIP 2.0.


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