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The latest issue of Elucidate from the UKIEG includes an interesting link related to the failure of RSS to take off at an enterprise level.

Reasons for lack of take up are variously seen as the radical way it changes access to information, poor software, apathy and the fact it is called RSS.

There seem to have been no end of study days and presentations related to RSS in the health / libraries setting.  (I have even been responsible for some myself see 8.32MB of PPT – NB contains added Peter Godwin on Info Literacy).  But has this translated into wide uptake?

Speaking from the NHS perspective I suspect that uptake by organisations rather than individuals has been limited.  The FADE service are delivering a lot of content as RSS so you would expect that their users are on board.  Colchester Hospital Library offered a Google Reader driven current awareness service but this has not been updated since the person who ran it moved on.  Jason Curtis at SATH has been using RSS with NetVibes to offer an updating service.   I am sure there are plenty of others doing interesting stuff out there.

For most NHS folk access to software can be an issue with desktops locked down and filtered web access.  Though this is not an uncommon situation in the non NHS workplace either.  The National Library for Health included an RSS reader as part of MyLibrary and an RSS Directory (see the presentation linked earlier for more details).  Unfortunately the functionality of the RSS reader was limited and this certainly prevented people from promoting services using this route.

Perhaps there will be a new wave of opportunity as people move to MS Office 2007 and Sharepoint 2007 with better support for RSS in these packages?


2 Responses to “RSS = FAIL?”

  1. Cor – that was confusing.

    I had this post as a private draft but it still showed up when I looked at the blog.

    I then got lost in a world of scheduled posts and who knows what else.

    Think I need to learn a bit more about wordpress.

  2. 🙂 Scheduled posts are fun!

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