200 posts and World Digital Library

In Information industry on April 22, 2009 by Danielle Tagged: , , , ,

I am delighted to say that our dashboard says we have reached the ‘200 posts’ mark. Yay for us!  Sorry, not to sound too self-congratulatory or anything.

Has anyone heard of the World Digital Library? As one listserv poster said, it is well worth a look.  It has a sliding bar that allows you to set the time interval (which ranges from 8000 AD to now) and has a geographic display so that you can click on a continent to see a preview of the kinds of historical documents available.

The World Digital Library is a collaborative project of the U.S. Library of Congress, UNESCO, and other partners.  Oh, and they used real cataloguers in the creation of the digital library, which is nice to hear.

They even invite volunteers to contact them to get involved to “identify important collections that represent a particular country or culture.” So still a work in progress, but over 1000 documents on there. And very aesthetically pleasing I must say.


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