Spotify – throw your music collection away

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How cool is Spotify?

Well, it’s cooler than me, that’s for sure, though of course that’s not saying too much. Still, it’s pretty darn cool, and I’m sure you already know all about it. In case you don’t, go there and click the Get Started button and before you know it you’ll be able to listen to just about any music album you can think of for free. It streams, very efficiently, though your browser and the interface looks like iTunes, so we’re all pretty familiar with it by now I would’ve thought. You get adverts, but only one every 30mins or an hour or so, and the adverts are short and generally more diverting than your usual radio adverts. Or you can pay £9.99 a month and get it all advert free. Who needs a music collection? I listened to Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me by The Cure yesterday for the first time for years, and I’m delighted to report that it still sounds just like heaven…

Update: apparently Spotify is only available at the moment as a beta in “Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden. ” Don’t shoot the messenger.


7 Responses to “Spotify – throw your music collection away”

  1. […] Original post by Alan […]

    • Sorry Lisa. How very provincial I am. A now slightly old NYT article tells me that “Spotify is available as a beta in Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden”. Ho hum. I feel bad. I really do… 😦

  2. Ah – but what happens when I get on the tube / bus?

  3. But surely you just listen to podcasts of In Our Time, Start the Week and Gardeners Question Time, like everyone else… no?

  4. There are indeed always a stack of podcasts to get through.

    Spotify is on the to do list though my ageing laptop won’t take kindly to me installing much else.

    Does it offer good recommendations?

    Read a fascinating article on how NetFlix are using a competition to drive up the quality of their recommendation engine (sadly source of article forgotten) see this one in Wired

    There are similar tools in the HI domain – PubMed Related Articles and so on.

    Could it be a powerful route for information discovery.

  5. No, it doesn’t do recommendations. Well, it is only beta, along with everyone else Web2.0. You’ll have to get your recommendations from, then listen to the albums on Spotify.

    I do find the “related articles” function on PubMed very helpful when doing pearl type searching. The one in OViD though is pretty hopeless.

  6. Oh blast, it isn’t available for users in the States. I got all excited, too!

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