Cinahl on Ebscohost – nifty training

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I had my first webinar on Friday and it was extremely invaluable in going over old and new ground which is the often annoying Ebscohost platform for Cinahl. Training using an web-based tool that allows you to see what the trainer, in this case the excellent ex-hospital librarian Emily Harker, is doing as well as being connected by telephone to ask specific questions and in my case mutter gratefully as I scribble down new tips such as instead of using TI and AB on separate lines e.g. AB (neuropathic pain) then TI (neuropathic pain) I can bypass multiple lines and write out more frugally (ti neuropathic pain) or (ab neuropathic pain) or even neuropathic pain. No field codes means an unqualified search which searches title, abstract and full text. Which introduces a bias in terms of which subscription you have and whether you’re happy to have more references from your full text resources.

Other than recommending doing the training when you sign into Ebscohost and are lucky enough to have a choice of databases, take a look at the information link as this is in fact a partially unclear specific Cinahl help tab. Once into the database itself you can only access a generic help guide for the platform and not for the database in question.


Changes to this and a few other oddities are afoot for the summer and beyond with our trainer a champion for users as against inexperienced developers…perhaps a role for librarians thinking of a business idea, a platform for databases that work?


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  1. Hi Hanna. Thanks for the update and tips on Cinahl (not that I have access to it). Webinars certainly do have their moments. The HSJ do the occasional “masterclass” online that I’ve found interesting:

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