Caution, MySpace rants no longer private

In Blogging on Blogging on April 9, 2009 by Danielle Tagged: , , , ,

Were MySpace rants ever private?  That is the reason I quit MySpace, also because everybody and their grandmother sent you a link to their band’s new song.  I do not think MySpace (at that time anyway) had even a pretense of privacy (by this I mean the option to only allow certain people or groups access to your space).

What I find troubling is that your first name on your MySpace account ‘magically’ becomes linked with your surname when your diatribe is then published in the local newspaper. I realise nothing except a pen and paper diary is private anymore, but how have we come to this?  And that isn’t private unless you write it in a language nobody speaks and bury it under your floorboards.  On reflection, I am amazed that the principal was keeping such close tabs on his pupils, or that he actually cared what was written on MySpace.  Perhaps schools have a problem with teachers and staff being named and shamed on there?


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