Copywritten recipes and other outside interests

In Evidence-Based Medicine on April 8, 2009 by Hanna

Hello to Alan #2 who provided an interesting query on one of the mailing lists about the copyright of recipes: can a dietitician hand out copies of recipes to his or her patients? Intrigued I found this post which means that perhaps you just need to cook something so common it is in the public domain. They could use a free recipe site , buy or borrow a cookery book from the library or alternatively they may just have to write their own…Meanwhile the City Legal Information Group is going to the Ritz for breakfast (although I don’t think they will come near a good greasy spoon for some food of dubious nutritional value). Sue Hill celebrates a less fattening intake of music for the soul and reflects on how outside interests such as raising money for charity, giving time to those in need or just having a hidden creative talent is invaluable and she encourages nay implores employers to show an active interest in these softer traits. For our away day later in the month we are going chocolate making…

Finally we’ve been featured in Medlib’s Round on Evidence.


2 Responses to “Copywritten recipes and other outside interests”

  1. Whhuur. Having a strange meta moment finding one of my queries reappearing over here!

    The Free recipes one is interesting – are all these recipes legitimately here? There is a distinct lack of any credit being given and no guidance from the site publisher (that I could see). offers guidance on what should and should not be added to their database.

    The BBC recipes site has no specific guidance but the main site IP policy is pretty clear

    The general view seems to be that it is OK to copy along as you make it your own – ie
    * ingredients – not copyright
    * descriptive text – copyright

  2. Well done with the mention! Are Medlib’s rounds EBM’s answer to the blog carnivals that exist for other topics out there? I noticed a certain Medicine 2.0 carnival that looks as though it has been discontinued.

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