Changes at PubMed

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Pending the arrival of NHS Evidence there are big changes underway over at PubMed.  You can read some highlights from the Krafty LibrarianDavid Rothman points to this helpful screencast by Melissa Rethlefsen on the Mayo Clinic Libraries Liblog.

With Search 2.0 under review now might be a good time for people to brush up on their PubMed skills…


2 Responses to “Changes at PubMed”

  1. Hi Alan,

    Good work on embedding the video. We’ve not had an embedded video before…

    I think I might be stuck in my ways and rather old fashioned, but the changes described above seem not so much new functionality but rather simply superficial changes to the look of the search page, and to be honest I rather like the current tab-based approach.

    I also wouldn’t be quite so trusting in the use of ‘limits’ as our Mayo Librarian, though while not necessarily very sensitive, her top two review results did look very specific. Good work her.

    • I am an irregular user of PubMed so not well placed to comment.

      The current default interface is quite cluttered and I expect this is a step on the way to having a “Google style” search box (all be it that plenty of others are already offering that sort of PubMed powered interface).

      The video had the code to embed in WordPress built in – happy days!

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