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Shameless self -promotion of the company I work for, but the Bazian-powered Behind the Headlines has won the BMJ Group Award for “Best Innovation in Medical Communication Systems”. Yay! If you don’t believe me, here’s the evidence (and we all belive in evidence, don’t we?)


3 Responses to “Award winning…”

  1. Congratulations on the award.

    Behind the Headlines is an excellent service but I do wonder about winning for Innovation?.

    What about Hitting the Headlines?

  2. You know what – I agree. I think we should have won “Outstanding Achievement in Evidence Based Health Care” 🙂

    Hitting the headlines (HtH) was a good service, but the difference between Behind the headlines (BtH) and HtH is that HtH was just one a week, while BtH is two a day, and BtH is truly current, with the two analyses coming out the day of the news story. But you’re right, it’s the development and improvement of an idea, rather than an innovation in its own right. We’re not complaining though…

  3. Standing on the shoulders etc etc.

    BtH and HtH are aimed slightly differently audience wise also. I agree that the currency side of things is very important. I do miss the way HtH used to link through to previous HtH on the same topic. While the NHS Choices search tool has improved to kind of support this it was easier to have it linked at the item level.

    Interested to note the arrival of comment on this type feedback for BtH.

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