Farewell then NLH

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The National Library for Health is officially part of NICE from Wednesday. They have published their last newsletter.

Celebrating 10 years of National Library for Health


Articles include:


·         The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement bid farewell to the National Library for Health

·         What Will Happen To The National Library for Health

·         NHS Evidence Update

·         Specialist Libraries: April Annual Evidence Updates

·         Map of Medicine Update: Over 360 Map Pathways now available on NHS Choices website

·         Clinical Knowledge Summaries

·         TDAG Conference 2009

·         New Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Licence for the NHS in England:  Q&A

·         KM Specialist Library Update


2 Responses to “Farewell then NLH”

  1. I had a look at the newsletter–it details the various changes in leadership, branding and generally says what will be going on in the next month or so. Looking forward to seeing what will be made of what was the NLH website.

    I confess I did not know there was a KM Specialist library–apparently others might not have either, as it sounds like it will move to the back burner and not be updated ‘for the time being.’ I guess it was not popular?

  2. Boo hiss etc: NICE taking over the world and all that. There was something pleasantly, slightly amateur-ish about the NLH which I shall miss, sort of cobbled together from bits and pieces here and there, which you’d think should surely never work but somehow did (for the most part). A bit like Heathrow Airport, or London Transport. NLH is dead, long live NHS Evidence eh?

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